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By the way, only registered copies of the program can open these libraries because of the five book limit per library file until the program is registered. Some of these library files have over fifty books in them.

Again, there is a 'five books per library file' limit for unregistered users.

Certain of these books required quite a bit of processing and we have already done that work for you. For example, the Bible we have available above started its life as the Project Gutenberg Bible, which was itself a large undertaking made by that organization taking several years to complete. Since a big part of the Retro Reader Library program is its ability to read books out loud, we decided to make a version that had the 'versification' removed. In that way, the book can be enjoyed as a 'story' without the distraction of the versification being spoken at the beginning of each paragraph. We wrote an algorithm that could do just that and ran it on the Project Gutenberg Bible text file. We then added Chapter marks to make finding a particular book easier ... the result is found here.

Remember the program is completely integrated with the Project Gutenberg catalog so it's like you already have thirty thousand books to choose right from the start.
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