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  • Birdco does not endorse infringement on the rights of Authors or Publishers nor do we want to encourage or in any way endorse the infringement of copyright laws through the distribution of copyrighted materials.
  • Birdco is not responsible for any type of loss including pecuniary which results from using, inability to use, or involvement of any kind with, the Retro Reader Library program.
  • Birdco is not responsible for material entered into the Retro Reader Library program by any end user. Birdco can, in no way, be held responsible to make sure that any end user has the right to use, view or possess the materials in the files they create, view, share, or download. Birdco is not responsible for how end users make use of this tool.
  • Birdco is also not responsible for any of the content that our users enter into the program including, but not limited to, any copyright works, illegally obtained and/or illegal materials.
  • Full responsibility for the content of our user's library files lies solely with the end users themselves.
  • Birdco make no claim as to fitness for a specific purpose or merchantability of the Retro Reader Library program.
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