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First, download and install the Demo

After you have downloaded and installed Retro Reader Library, you can try out the program eight times for free.

How to get your Registration Key.

Enter your User Name and Serial Number, just as they appear when you start the Demo, into the User Name and Serial number text boxes to the right, before clicking the 'Buy Now' button. Make your purchase using our secure PayPal page. When we receive your payment, we will email your Registration Key to you. Just enter the Registration Key, into the appropriate text box when you next start the program, and click the Register button and that's it. You will have the fully registered version with all of the features unlocked.
Click here to view a flash demo on purchasing and registering the program.


Retro Reader Library
User Name
Serial Number

Using a Coupon Code.

If you have a valid coupon code you can save money registering the program :)
         I have a coupon code!!!
We offer these substantial discounts because we know that the best way for people to learn about the Retro Reader Library is through someone who already uses it.


Re-installing the program.

If you need to re-install the program use the following link :    Re-Register
We will verify your purchase and email a new Registration Key or contact you within a few hours.

Many of the fine sites listed below host our product but in order to be sure you are downloading the very latest version of Retro Reader we recommend you download the installation package from our site.

Although you can 'Get it from CNET!' the very latest version can always be downloaded from our site.

Retro Reader Library is a SMARTER CHOICE

Retro Reader Library has no viruses!
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